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Proposal History

For your convenience here are the 20 most recent agenda items.
Type Number Report Title Department
Minutes MIN 2017-1 May 4, 2017 City/School Boards Liaison Committee Regular Meeting Minutes for Approval Office of the City Clerk
Motion MOT 2017-1 Motion - Councillor E. Botha - Brochure to Explain Bylaws to Residents Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-4 Food Security Initiatives Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-5 Vending Supply and Service Agreement Renewal - Snacks and Beverages Community Services
Minutes MIN 2017-2 July 11, 2017 Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes for Approval Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-6 Purchasing Policy Amended Office of the City Manager
Report RPT 2017-7 Landfill Compactor Public Works
Report RPT 2017-8 Property Sales - Results of Land Discount Incentive Planning and Development Services
Report RPT 2017-15 Public Art Plan Community Services
Report RPT 2017-17 Bylaw 30 of 2017 - To increase maximum lot coverage in the R5 - Multiple Unit Dwelling zone Planning and Development Services
Report RPT 2017-19 Bylaw 29 of 2017 - To remove Converted Dwellings from Zoning Bylaw Planning and Development Services
Minutes MIN 2017-4 August 3, 2017 Management Committee Meeting Minutes for Approval Office of the City Clerk
Minutes MIN 2017-3 August 3, 2017 Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes for Approval Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-20 Calendar of Events on Corporate Services
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Item Document (Public)
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Type Report
Published on 09/18/17
Calendar of Events on
Calendar of Events Posting Criteria Calendar of Events Posting Criteria.pdf - 414Kb - pdf (pdf)
Proposal Recommendation
That this report be received as information and filed. JUSTIFICATION FOR INCAMERA: N/A TOPIC & PURPOSE: The purpose of this report is to provide City Council with an update regarding the calendar of events on the City’s website. With a more coordinated effort to engage Prince Albert organizations and groups involved in event planning, it is expected that a calendar will be created that offers greater value to both the organizations looking to attract people to their events and those looking for things to do in Prince Albert. BACKGROUND: The City of Prince Albert has had a calendar of events on its website at for approximately 18 months. Generally the calendar is used to promote events being hosted at City facilities and other City led initiatives. Prince Albert Tourism has an event calendar and has had one for several years. The general criteria used for this calendar is in the category of “Things to see and do”. PaNow has a community calendar that is wide open to the general public and based exclusively on submissions. The Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce has a calendar of events that is reserved for events hosted by chamber members. These existing event calendars are not providing a reliable presentation of the events that are occurring in Prince Albert. This is considered a major challenge in our community because while there are often many things to do, it is difficult to easily seek out those events without scouring websites, social media pages and community bulletin boards. The result is that there is an impression that there is not a lot happening in Prince Albert and there are a lot of missed opportunities for residents and visitors to more fully experience what Prince Albert has to offer. REPORT: T he Municipal Cultural Acti on Plan (MCAP) w as a pproved by City Council in 2016. On page 29 of the MCAP it states that “one of the strongest ideas that emerged through the MCAP community engagement process is the need for a centralized community calendar that shares information about various cultural events, activities, programs and related services. A community calendar would allow individuals and organizations to identify which organization is hosting an event; this would avoid duplication of efforts and foster opportunities for partnerships.” Action item 4.1 in the MCAP specifically identifies the need to “create and regularly update a community calendar of cultural based programs, activities and events hosted and produced by various organizations and departments to be utilized by community members, business, CoPA, Prince Albert Tourism, and community organizations.” Following further consultations with a number of stakeholder groups directly involved in event organization and planning, it was identified that the calendar should also serve a planning function that would allow those hosting events to use the calendar to see what is occurring in Prince Albert so as to avoid clustering too many events in the same timeframe. In an effort to coordinate the approach to a community event calendar the City has committed to take the following role : H osting a calendar of events through the City’s website; U pdating a calendar of events on behalf of the community; and Working with stakeholder groups to establish a set of criteria that wil l govern what will and will-not- be permitted on the calendar (please see proposed criteria attached) ; Promoting the calendar to organizations and the public to encourage use. Organizations would remain responsible for submitting the events they want posted on the calendar. The city has the website infrastructure and internal resources to ensure ongoing updates are being made to the calendar and with a clear set of criteria, it will be possible to not only effectively promote the calendar as the place to post your event, but also as the place to find out what is happening in the City. To further assist in the promotion of the calendar, the City has also purchased the domain which will directly point to the events calendar on the City’s’ website. It is expected that with a coordinated approach, that engages Prince Albert organizations, more people will be participating in the active use and promotion of the same calendar. PUBLIC AND/OR STAKEHOLDER INVOLVEMENT: In addition to consultations for the Municipal Cultural Action Plan, a stakeholder meeting was held with various groups directly involved with planning events in Prince Albert including Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce, Spark Theatre, Arts Board, Travelodge Hotel, Plaza 88, Prince Albert Tourism, Prince Albert Downtown Business Improvement District and Jam Street Music. Invitations were also sent to representatives from Prince Albert Grand Council, Prince Albert Kinsmen Club, Prince Albert Minor Softball and Cooke Municipal Golf Course. COMMUNICATION PLAN: Once finalized, the Calendar criteria will be shared widely with all groups that are involved in planning events in the City with an invitation to use the calendar as outlined. Communications and Marketing will also start to promote the calendar through its communications channels. STRATEGIC PLAN: Core Values: Partnerships – We will use our expertise and infrastructure to create meaningful community and regional partnerships Innovative- Through longer term planning and best practice solutions, we will provide efficient and effective service today, and an environment for tomorrow, that fosters long term investment in our city. OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN: Section 13.2 of the OCP refers to Arts, Culture and Tourism in Prince Albert and reads “ The City shall continue to recognize the role of arts, culture and tourism as an important aspect of community life through support and promotion of the arts, culture and tourism industries in Prince Albert.” FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: The development of a calendar of events was identified as an action item for 2017 and a budget of $850 has been identified to promote the calendar OTHER CONSIDERATIONS/IMPLICATIONS: There are no other options, policy or privacy implications. PUBLIC NOTICE: Public Notice pursuant to the Public Notice Bylaw No. 24 of 2015 is not required. PRESENTATION: AUDIO/VISUAL ATTACHMENTS : Calendar of Events Event Posting Criteria . Written by: Kiley Bear, Communications Manager Approved By: Jody Boulet, Director of Community Services Approved By: Angela Boye s, Director of Corporate Services

Review History

Meeting EX 2017-3 on 9/25/17 4:00 PM - Executive CommitteeExecutive Committee

Item Item (Agenda) Agenda Item  
3 Calendar of Events on RPT 2017-20  
Report RPT 2017-21 Float Plane Centre at Airport Public Works
Minutes MIN 2017-5 August 14, 2017 Executive Committee Minutes for Approval Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-22 REDA - Contract Approval Planning and Development Services
Report RPT 2017-23 Local Print Advertising Services Corporate Services
Report RPT 2017-24 Smoking in Public Places Bylaw Update Office of the City Clerk
Report RPT 2017-25 Supply and Service Agreements - City Concessions Community Services

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