Agenda items
Number Description Department
INS-2021-2 Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS): Management Review Summary for 2020 INS-Gas and Water Utility Details
INS-2021-1 Summary Water Report - 2020 INS-Gas and Water Utility Details
COR-2021-12 Appointment of Tribunal Members - Lodging House COR-Legislated Services Details
CSD-2021-3 Neighbourhood Association Affiliation 2021 CSD-Neighbourhood Programs and Development Details
DSD-2021-11 Lower Doon Land Use Study Recommendations Report DSD-Planning Details
DSD-2021-10 Resolution Reached Between Polocorp and Working Group - 19-41 Mill Street DSD-Planning Details
CAO-2021-1 Compass Kitchener Advisory Committee Work Program CAO-Strategy & Corporate Performance Details
COR-2021-10 Dog Designation Appeal Committee - Ducey COR-Legislated Services Details
FIN -2021-9 T20-082 Building Envelope Repairs – 91 Moore Ave. FIN-Procurement Details
CSD-2021-1 Exemption from Chapter 408 of The City of Kitchener Municipal Code (Animals) CSD-Bylaw Enforcement Details